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Описание вакансии
Head of Procurement (Indirect)
по договоренности

4 июн

Опыт работы: свыше 5-и лет

Занятость: полная занятость


  •  Manage and control warehouse stock of non-merchandise items
  •  Place orders for non-merchandise items to producers/vendors
  •  Build up procurement function from the ground
  •  Develop and execute new improved procurement strategies and tactics across all channels of purchasing
  •  Identify procurement issues and needs of each department and introduce effective measures to solve those issues while following low cost management course
  •  Implement market analysis for required goods/services
  •  Discover profitable suppliers and initiate business and organization partnerships
  •  Manage a full cycle of bidding process (from preparing and issuing Request for Proposal documents to finalizing the contract with the preferred bidder)
  •  Manage contracts with existing vendors – participate in determining of payment terms and conditions, order and delivery control
  •  Perform cost analysis and set appropriate benchmarks, implement cost reduction initiatives
  •  Institute policies and procedures for collecting and reporting key metrics that will reduce our overall expenses while increasing productivity
  •  Implement KPI system for existing and new vendors
  •  Implement initiatives on automatization of the purchasing system
  •  Create KPI systems for procurement department members


  •  Higher education
  •  5+ years of relevant experience in international companies
  •  Knowledge of sourcing and procurement techniques as well as a dexterity in “reading” the market
  •  Good knowledge of supplier or third party management software
  •  Exceptional negotiation skills
  •  Strong cost-consciousness
  •  Ability to think strategically from new perspectives
  •  Strong desire to challenge oneself and solve issues in a speedy manner
  •  Fluent English


Salary, annual bonus, medical insurance (also for kids till 18 ages)


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